Book Review #52: Before (The Smith and Miya Collection) by Dan Matheson

Title: BEFORE (The Smith and Miya Collection)

Author: Dan Matheson

Format: Paperback, Illustrated

Date of Publication: December 01, 2016

Publishing House: Vivid Publishing

ISBN: 1925590119

Genre: Young Adult

Personal Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️. / 5

Join long time friends Smith and Miya, as they are thrust into solving an unexpected mystery. Their adventure only gets more complicated when the local Sheriff, and his son Billy, start sticking their noses in where they don’t belong.

It’s the most intriguing thing to ever happen to Smith, Miya, and the small town of Steele Valley. Are they ready to handle the astonishing truth when the mystery finally unravels?

My Personal Thoughts

This book is basically written for young readers but I consented to receive a copy from the author in exchange for an honest and fair review. I absolutely enjoyed reading this first installment and made me miss and reminisce of my very own childhood. I’m currently eyeing and interested with YA or kiddie books because I want to introduce the world of reading to my children as well; hoping that they might love it the same way that I’m enjoying every part of it. The story is brilliant, fun, and simple. It has heartbreaking and surprising scenarios, but I’m pretty sure that any young reader can handle it well. I just find the last part of it somewhat odd and confusing because from the contemporary set up it immidiately switched to fantasy and I was kind of surprised. Not that I didn’t like it or something, but I got really confused with the flow. I find the characters cute, it is a cliche’ because they are childhood best friends and etc. but I still find the best friend-ish thing interesting and exciting for teens. The story also contains plenty of life lessons which are suitable for young readers which made this book highly recommendable. I just hope that the book was in colored illustrations from the start to make it more appealing to the readers. Will I recommend this book? Yes. And I’ll wait for the succeeding books to find out what will happen to the duo and how they will unravel the town’s secrets including their own skeletons in their closets.



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