Lake Ginninderra

Hello! I am so so so back from the dead! It has been a while! My husband and I recently moved in here in Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) because I will be taking up a conversion program for nurses at the University of Canberra for a year (may the odds be ever in my favor, LOL). Anyway, our housemates are very kind enough to spare us a little of their time and accompanied us around the area.
First, we went to Lake Ginninderra.
Lake Ginnindera is a man-made lake located at the Ginninderra Creek. It is home to a large number of wildlife like the black swans, ducks, rakalis and moorhens. Yiheee! There’s a black swan beside me! hihi ^_^v
The lake side has a lot of benches where one can sit, eat or read! Oh yes! I did it. But if it’s winter, well, you have to be very flexible because it’s freezing! O_o.
From now on, this place will be our home. Hopefully, in God’s perfect time, we can bring the kids with us here and we will live happily ever after. haha! Forgive me, I miss my gummy bears terribly and blogging is my only outlet aside from book photography and reading. Okay, ’til my next entry, loves.



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