Book Review #28 : Too Late by Colleen Hoover

🔖AUTHOR: Colleen Hoover
🔖FORMAT: Digital Copy via Wattpad
🔖PUBLICATION DATE: April 08, 2016
🔖GENRE: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
🔖DATE READ: April 20, 2016
🔖PERSONAL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
“Worries flow from her lips like the random words that flow from her fingertips. I reach out and try to catch them, clenching them in my fists, wanting nothing more than to catch them all…”
Sloan will go through hell and back for her little brother. And she does, every single night.Forced to remain in a relationship with the dangerous and corrupt Asa Jackson, Sloan will do whatever it takes to make sure her brother. Has what he needs. Nothing will get in her way. Nothing except Carter.
Sloan is the only good thing to ever happen to Asa. He knows this and he never plans on letting her go; even if she doesn’t approve of his lifestyle. But despite Sloan’s disapproval, Asa knows what it takes to get what he wants. He knows what he needs to do to remain on top. Nothing will get in his way. Nothing except Carter.
The story took place mostly at the protagonist’s elegant house. It is every woman’s dream to reside in a decent place with the man of her dreams but unfortunately not in Sloan’s case. Asa’s money, house and car may be everything but he has a lot of secrets and his earnings are all from his dirty works. The setting is very appropriate for the story because usually a drug dealer’s house is elegant knowing that it is a product of both illegal drugs and gambling. Another place that was discussed in the story is their campus where Carter and Sloan met during their Spanish class. I like the set up overall because it gave full justice to the story.
Carter is an undercover agent who’s currently working on a case that involves illegal drugs which is prominent at a certain university. He is smart, handsome and sometimes weak. I like his character when it comes to compassion but it is also his weakness and I hate the idea that he tends to become stupid when it comes to Sloan. I am still unaccustomed to the fact that some people are the reason why other relationships end up.
Sloan is a 20-year-old woman who’s struggling really hard to survive. She has everything that she needs because of Asa. She is intelligent and determined but she doesn’t have a choice most of the time. She has to swallow her pride and dignity because she needs him, financially, so badly. I kinda despise her. Yes, she is trapped but it is not enough to cheat on someone. We always have a choice.
Asa Jackson is the antagonist in the story. He is Sloan’s boyfriend and he is a manipulative and controlling freak who happens to have a dark and twisted childhood. He is a real jerk but sometimes there are certain parts in the story where I sympathize with him. He isn’t bad by nature, it’s just that he has his reasons. That’s the good thing about this book, no matter how much you want to hate Asa, you just can’t. But, I was afraid of him the whole time, seriously.
Highly addictive! The queen did it again! What a genius! She gave us something new and unforgettable! WOW! Literally, just WOW. The story is an absolute fast-read because I was able to finish it in 5 hours. You will literally never put it down and you will keep on turning the pages until you finally finish it and have a closure. The twists are all mind-boggling and it contain lot of jaw-dropping scenarios, and that’s the thing about a Colleen Hoover creation, she doesn’t disappoint her readers. She always bring out something unique and amazing! Her characters are all wonderfully created especially Asa. This book is not for everyone, you should be an open-minded person because it has a lot of obscene language and sensual scenes. Sexual encounters are all rough so I suggest that minors should not read it. The story is kind of common but it didn’t stop me! It’s one of my best reads so far this year and I must say that Colleen is a very flexible writer, she can create a bubbly character but she is also good at making a troubled and self-destructive one. The words used are simple and very easy to understand which is very convenient for every reader. The story is very realistic, yes, it does happen, every time, and that’s what I love most about her writing style, she is very creative and realistic.
It is highly recommended for mature readers. I don’t think young people should ever read it. It tackles sex, drugs and a lot of drama so they might as well just read young adult stories which are suitable for their age. I am giving it a four over five because I love every part of it BUT I did not like Luke that much unlike Colleen’s other book boyfriends (Miles Archer, Owen Gentry, ETC.) who are freaking drool and swoon-worthy all the way! But all in all I ADORE THIS BOOK.
🌸 And that’s where love finds you… In the tragedies…
🌸 Love. Love is not found. Love finds.
After reading this, I realized three things:
🌸 Just because someone does illegal things for a living doesn’t mean that he or she is already a bad person, sometimes, they are mentally ill or they experienced a very tragic childhood which made them the person that they are today. I don’t know, I should hate Asa so badly but knowing all the things that happened to him when he was a child, I sympathized intsead.
🌸 Not everyone who is in a relationship are happy and contented. Oftentimes they just don’t have any other option. Just like Sloan, she has to do things even though she doesn’t want to.
🌸 No matter how dangerous it is, if someone truly loves you, he or she will do everything to fight for you. In this case, CARTER is that person. Against all odds. Cheesy!

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