Book Review #26 : You by Caroline Kepnes

“What a shame to be so angered by what you don’t have that you treat what you do have like it’s nothing.”
AUTHOR: Caroline Kepnes
PAGES: 422
FORMAT: Hardcover
PUBLICATION DATE: September 30, 2014
GENRE: Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Contemporary
DATE READ: April 12, 2016
An aspiring writer named Guinevere Beck met Joe Goldberg at a local bookstore and he instantly fell head over heels with her. He immediately searched for her details on Facebook and Twitter with the help of her credit card information.
Joe did everything he can to become a part of Beck’s life. He followed her anywhere and kept all her things in a special container which he calls “Beck’s Box”.  He manipulated Beck’s life. He even eradicated all the possible threats between them.
Is Beck ready to let someone like Joe in?
Will Joe find out the difference between love and obsession?
Is there a chance for a relationship that started through deception?
Okay, le’s do this! First, I like the story’s set up! The scenes mostly took place at a local bookstore in New York owned by the old Mr. Mooney where Joe Goldberg, our antagonist slash protagonist, is the storekeeper and manager. I find it cute and sweet that he met Beck, our person of interest😂, there. A very special place for bookworms like me. Who wouldn’t want to meet the man or woman of their dreams in a bookstore? A cozy bookstore! But! It’s not about pure romance and butterflies-in-the-stomach scenarios. It’s creepy! It’s sick! Joe’s mental condition maybe congenital or hereditary but I think the place served as a contributing factor for him to do such crazy ideas. A bookstore contains a lot of fictional characters anyway. Another place is their respective apartments. The getting to know each other part and hooking up sessions mostly occurred there. This story could have been about love, but gawwwd I don’t know, it’s just so weird and everything.🙈 I have mixed emotions regarding this but all I can say is it’s controversial and jaw-dropping in a scary manner.
Joe Goldber is handsome, sweet and he looks decent and normal. Nobody would suspect that he is a freaking psychotic who likes stalking women. Okay not every woman that he meets but a particular woman who catches his attention. He is smart despite of not being able to go to college. He is sincere and he loves deeply and genuinely. But there’s a problem with him, he has issues. He is the issue himself! Oh my I don’t know how to write something that doesn’t have spoiler contents. 🙊
Guinevere Beck is a 24-year-old self-destructive and manipulative woman. She is gorgeous and a real head-turner. She is an attention seeking person who has daddy issues. At first, I feel sorry for her because she is a possible victim of a sexually preoccupied stalker but as the story goes on, I find her so annoying and mean. She played with Joe’s feelings and made him look like a fool. I know it’s bad but I kind of think that she deserves everything that’s happened to her.
What did just happen? OH MY FREAKIN’ GOSH! I CAN’T! I JUST CAN’T! This story is creepy and dark and mind-fvcking! If you are not an open-minded person you should not read this. It contains a lot of gross and sick scenes and terms. While reading it, you will experience what it was like to be a real stalker. You will get into Joe’s mind and understand what he’s feeling. You will hate him most of the time and be freaked out by all his acts but there will be that part of you where you will empathize with him. The writer is great! I like her style! Instead of cursing a freaking stalker, you will feel all his grief and sorrow. Miss Kepnes is a genius (just borrowing Beck’s line😂) I like the profanity! Instead of being bothered by her choice of words, I was impressed!. It made the story real. People with mental issues doesn’t converse in a well-mannered way, instead, they do trash talking and they use obscene and worst words that you can imagine. This book is a masterpiece! A journey inside the head of an obsess man. The way it was written is amazing and I love how the author used the first person narration which makes reading it easy to understand. She did not use hard to understand words. She is an effective writer, I screamed and cried and laughed! All kinds of emotions in one book. Whew! One thing I disliked about it is how it ended, I thought Beck is someone special to him, I just did not expect things to be that easy. It is predictable and I wasn’t surprised. I could not think of a better way for the book to end but honestly I wasn’t mind-blown with the ending. But nevertheless, I really really liked it.
It’s a four. Yes! It caught my full and undivided attention. I read it in 3 days because there wasn’t any plain or odd part. Every chapter is gripping and you will always want to know what will happen next! Once you started it, you will never put the book down.
I know that a story like this is scary. Most readers will not appreciate a dark and twisted novel. They will find this profane and disgusting but I like it so much, you will discover a lot of things about a person with a psychological disorder like Joe’s. Even though you don’t want to, you will somehow try to understand the reason behind each and every action. You will dig deeper to give justification regarding his decisions. He is crazy and weird and a psychopath but he taught us a lot of lessons. 1) When you want something you have to try so hard to get it. Come what may. 2) Never give up. Who knows? Maybe one day, that very thing you want might be yours. 3) Learn to accept what is wrong with you and what your problem is. I am not defending him, his actions are bothersome and should be punished but like what the old guys say, try to find the good in every person. 🙈



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