Janna’s Book Review #17 : Never Never Part 3 by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Pages: 92 (Kindle Edition)
Published: January 19, 2016
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Mystery
Started: January 20, 2016
Finished: January 21, 2016
Personal Rating: 2/5
The most anticipated finale is kind of disappointing. Please don’t get me wrong, I adore Colleen and Tarryn with all my heart. It’s just that… this 3rd installment to the Never Never novella series is kind of weird, frustrating, and somewhat pointless.😒
The first two short stories are both mind-blowing, jaw-dropping and full of gripping surprises! They caught me off guard and left me breathless. All the mysteries keep on crossing and playing on my mind even after I’ve read them. But this? This one! Nothing. I felt nothing. What the hell did just happened there? Did I miss something? Did I fell asleep? Is there a 4th book? Oh my goodness! Please do enlighten me fellow readers because I can’t seem to contemplate my thoughts right now. I feel sick! It took me a week to finally be able to say something but here I am, still trying to put myself together. It so hard to give a 2 when these authors are my favorite in the whole wide world!πŸ’”
Charlie and Silas are two people who are head-over-heals with each other until one incident occurred and everything just fell apart. They are childhood best friends who turned into lovers (yes! A clichΓ©’.πŸ™ˆ) Their parents seemed to get in the way most of the time. But, is love truly enough to withstand all the hardships that they have gotten themselves into?😯 And is it really possible to believe in destiny?😐 So many questions that were left unanswered. I fucking need a 4th book! I do.πŸ˜₯😧😨
There was nothing special. Aside from the fact that it was odd, plain and simple, there is no specific place that is worth remembering. Charlie’s old house seems cool but I don’t know why nothing important took place there. 2/5😒
Silas is one hell.of a swoon-worthy lover. He is manly yet romantic.❀ Charlie on the other hand is a mean bitch who lost everything after her father screwed up their business.😈 They are a perfect pair. I love their chemistry so much especially on the part where the meaning of their tatts were revealed.πŸ™ˆ
πŸ“šWriting Style:
I was not impressed with this final book.😒 And the fact that I was disappointed? It’s a 3/5.😣
Nothing.πŸ™Š Nothing special happened.πŸ™ˆ The first two books really had me craving and asking for more! I had sleepless nights while waiting for this finale but damn it. Whaaaattt happened?!!! (Crying out loud) 😭 2/5. πŸ’”
πŸ“šOverall Rating:
A freaking 2/5. Sorry but that’s all I can offer. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ˜­

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