πŸ“š How do I rate books? πŸ“š


Giving your personal opinion regarding a certain book is pretty hard. I always wonder how other readers rate the books that they read. Before, I don’t really have a particular criteria as to how I give those precious stars on a book. All I know is that if I liked it, it’s a 5 and if I don’t, then it’s a 4 or 3. But lately, I’ve realized that it shouldn’t be that way anymore. Since I started to review books after being able to finish them, I should be fair and square. As a new year’s resolution, I have decided to formulate my very own way as to how I will rate the books that I’ve read and will be reading for 2016.

Here are they:


➑Did I enjoy the setting?
➑Did I find it unique and captivating?
➑For New Adult, Romance and Contemporary books: Is it romantic and jaw-dropping?
➑For Fantasy, Dystopia, Science Fiction and Mystery: Is it kickass and mind-blowing?

I will be giving 5 for settings that are thoroughly described and 4 (or below) if I had a hard time imagining the scenarios. On the other hand, for New adult/Romance/Contemporary books (which I rarely read except for Colleen Hoover’s), I prefer a romantic set up. For example, Stephanie Perkins’s Paris set up (for Anna and the French Kiss) is a 5 for me and a simple house/neighborhood or school set up (which is the most common) will have a 4 or less. Lastly, if the setting is too plain and boring I will not be afraid to give a 2.πŸ™ˆ


(Male and Female Antagonist and the Protagonist)

➑Are they appealing?
➑Did they lived up to the role that was assigned to them?
➑Did I felt their sorrow and grief?
➑Did I fell inlove with the male antagonist?
➑Is the female lead independent and witty?
➑Did the antagonist made me want to bitch slap him/her?

I don’t know, I have a lot of questions, so I chose to rate them individually. 5 for being able to reach me and get in my head and 4 or less for annoying the crap out of me.


I always give a 5 for authors who were able to made me feel what they wanted the readers to feel. If I finish a book in a day or 2 then it deserves a 5. If I get bored and it took me a week to finish a book, then it’s a 4. If it took me 2 weeks then it is definitely a 3. And if by any chance, it took me a month to finally read it then it is a 2. Okay, I usually finish the books that I have started so I don’t give a 1. Honestly, I am not a fan of the Did-Not-Finish thing.


If the plot twist caught me off-guard then it deserves a 5.

If I’ve already concluded what will happen even before I’ve read that part, I will give it a 4.

If the plot is too mainstream and I wasn’t surprised at all then it is a 3.

If it is freakin’ annoying, well, I’ll go for 2.

I don’t give a 1, that’s too much.


Okay, so, I’ll just get the average of the four criteria that were listed above to get my overall personal rating.πŸ“–

Here’s how I will be doing mine from now on. πŸ“š

Happy Reading everyone!😊


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