Janna’s Book Review #13 : Champion by Marie Lu


CHAMPION (Legend #3) by Marie Lu
369 Pages
ISBN13: 97803992566776
Published: December 5, 2013
Date Read: December 3, 2015
Marie Lu nailed this series! This is by far my most favorite and memorable trilogy ever read. It is indeed well-crafted. I love how it is wonderfully and fearlessly made! The action-scenes screamed perfection! I could never ask for a better ending than what the author offered me. I honestly don’t know how to make this review spoiler-free. Lu, undeniably, has a very brilliant mind and creative imagination! That ending is very heartbreaking but beautiful!
Champion is the third and final installment of the Legend Series. Since the very first book, the author never disappointed her readers. We all wanted and asked for more and so she did gave us what we craved for! The story is mainly about the United States of America which is divided into two regions, the Republic and the Colonies. Both sector threatens each other and their respective leaders are also willing to start a war just to protect their people and territory. The conflict began when an unidentifiable plague started spreading at the Colonies borderline and they suspected that the Republic is starting a biological warfare.
Will June and Day continue to save the people of the republic just like in the first two books? Will their feelings for each other be enough to face all the hardships that the war will impose? And lastly, are they willing to sacrifice the suspected last hope of humanity even if it means that they have to surrender this very person to the government for a possible cure?
SETTING: 5/5. If you’ve been following me on Instagram for quite some time now then I think you’ll notice that I have this huge fascination towards the dystopian themed stories. War and government tickles me and they both have a special place in my heart, LOL. This story has a very interesting set up. I liked the idea that in the distant future, it is very possible that a certain country as prosperous as the USA can be divided into two independent regions maybe because of conflict in power and interest. I also like how each region sought alliance to other more powerful countries nearby. A perfect score for the setting because it enhances the war scenes.
CHARACTERS: 5/5. June and Day deserves the perfect score because having June as the Republic’s Prodigy and Day being the well-known Legend made the story catchy. What will really happen if the country’s most notorious criminal fell in love with government’s most promising agent, a very ironic yet exciting situation. I fell head over heels with them and they are definitely swoon and drool-worthy. Tess and Anden on the other hand made the perfect third parties involved. Tess is the male protagonist’s childhood best friend while Anden is the country’s Elector Primo who happens to have this hidden feelings for June. No, I did not hate them, these characters added up some spice on the main character’s relationship. And Eden, just when I thought that he is just a pathetic little kid who always needed to be saved, he finally proved me wrong.
PLOT: 5/5. The first two books both had a mind-blowing twist so I really did expected a lot from this finale! And… BINGO! Got it! Many readers are depressed because they find it so heartbreaking. I don’t know. I find it perfect. I couldn’t imagine a better one. I mean, it’s better than having Day killed by some stupid disease right? Day needs it. All of it. It’s for his own sake. And what June did at the second to the last chapter is very brave! It sucks that while everyone is grieving over the ending, here I am, very happy and contented.
WRITING STYLE: 5/5. It is Marie Lu! If Colleen Hoover is my queen of new adult then Lu is definitely the dystopian guru! Every chapter is filled with action-packed scenes especially during the war with the Colonies! These scenes are gripping and extraordinary! Day’s stunts are mind-blowing! And Commander Jameson is a mess! But thanks to the author for creating a very promising female antagonist. The writing style is not too descriptive so there is no dull and lousy moments in the story. In addition to that, you will find yourself continuously turning the pages.
Overall Rating: 5/5. What an epic masterpiece! Hell yes! I really hope that this will not have a book-to-movie-adaptation because… NO! They just can’t! It’s too precious! And I really need to get rid of my paperback copies because this series deserves it in HARDBACK! It’s worth it!




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