Janna’s Book Review #12 : November 9 by Colleen Hoover


By Colleen Hoover
ISBN13: 9781501110344
Date Published: November 10, 2015
Date Read: November 11, 2015
Genre: New Adult
Rating: 5/5

“It took me four years to fall in love with him. And only four pages to stop.” -Fallon

November 9 is the only novel that made me cry (seriously!). Colleen Hoover’s latest masterpiece deserves all the hype. It is definitely worth the long wait (and the additional charges for pre ordering,hahaha!).

Fallon O’Neil is a burn survivor. Everything fell down after the incident, all her dreams and plans are shattered into pieces. Confidence disappeared and her fame suddenly faded. Benton James Kessler on the other hand is an aspiring novelist. He is careless and free spirited. He lives life to the fullest.

What will happen if these two people stumble across one another?

Are they ready to risk everything?

Are they brave enough to accept each others secrets and weaknesses?
(I really really need to stop the introduction thing here because I don’t want to spoil anything!)

After reading this piece of art, I realized how magnificent Colleen’s brain cells and imagination are. Every twists and turns on the story made me cry and cringe. I think this book is made especially for book lovers around the world because plenty of bookish terms are introduced. I am always fascinated by the way the author always give her readers those butterflies in the stomach. Her plot is always shocking and tear-jerking. I am still grieving over what happpened to Fallon (no! she did not die, okay?) but I love how Ben helped her regain her confidence and gave her sense of hope.

Setting: 5/5
You know that’s the thing about a Colleen Hoover creation, it doesn’t have to be in Paris or any special place that is well-known for it to be romantic and appealing. Mostly, the story took place at Los Angeles and everything went well and amazing.

Characters: 5/5
The protagonists are made for each other (No doubt about it!) No, it’s not about destiny and fate or whatever cliche’. It is simply about “If you want someone, you’ll do anything to be in their life!” and you will not just sit down and wait for destiny to do its shit. It is never that way, never! Fate has nothing to do with it, everything is a choice, atleast, that’s what I believe in. A 5/5 for having no antagonist! Oh my freakin’ gosh. A story will always be perfect even without a strong third party involved. She (this certain female character in the story)  belongs to the plot line but never a 3rd party.

Plot and Writing Style: 5/5
The author has this unique effect on her readers. Her plot is always unexpected! Since the very first novel that I have read, Hoover always come up with a plot line that is jaw-dropping and breathtaking. The feeling is always surreal. She has this habit of making you go crazy and then will leave you hanging for quite some chapter, then, Bingo! That’s it! The most excruciating twist will take place! This book is heartbreakingly beautiful and her writing style is PERFECT. When things are going smooth and beautiful, and yet, 40 pages are still remaining, you should expect a very painful event after. It’s guaranteed! It’s the CoHo thing! LoL😂

Overall Rating: 5/5 for perfection.

Read it.
Read her books.
You’ll never be disappointed. 😊


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