Janna’s Book Review #6 : The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher

The Opportunist (Love Me with Lies #1) By Tarryn Fisher
278 Pages
Published: November 14, 2011
Read : July 12, 2015
Re-read : September 20, 2015
“What happens when Villains fall in love?”
Personally, this is my favorite Tarryn Fisher book. It is a love story, definitely, but it is not what you are expecting it to be. It does not have the so-called “happy-ever-after” kind of thing. You might be surprised to hear that but let us snap back to reality and think about this: it is not always a happy ending, this is not a movie or a fairy tale, this is life, it does not always work out that way, people should never fool themselves believing that princes, princesses and castles are real because it is not. Life is a bitch and it is full of shit.
Olivia and Caleb. Caleb and Olivia. Two stubborn people who keeps on running back to each other despite of going on opposite directions. Olivia is an independent and manipulative woman who do not know how to admit her own feelings while Caleb is a gentleman who values a relationship so much to the point of forgiving the person who betrayed him just to have her back in his life.
They have the perfect relationship, almost.
This book broke my heart so many times but it also made me realize how to treasure a person once you already found them. Never be so arrogant and full of pride because no matter how much that person adores you, there will come a time that they will get tired and exhausted. This book is about missed chances and opportunities. I cried a couple of times while reading this book. Tarryn Fisher made me feel what she wants me to feel: if you found it, do not ever let it go. If you have already let them slip away then be prepared for the emotional torture that it will bring you.
I love her writing style, it is perfect and very realistic. It does not let you hope for a happy ending because in reality, we do not always get what or who we want. There will be fucked up moments and bad days. Life is not always about rainbows, sometimes we have to look and embrace the rain, we have to endure sadness and pain. Olivia taught me to be strong and to never let my guard down no matter what. Caleb made me realize that once you value someone, you have to fight so hard to be with them, but… He also made me realize that sometimes you just have to give up and let go, not because you want to, but because that person is not willing to fight half the battle to be with you. Stubborn-Bitchy-Olivia. I hate her but I also love her, it is not her fault that she has “Daddy Issues”, people like her happens to suffer from “Trust issues” as well.
I love Tarryn’s idea of talking and giving importance to the villains. Yes, we do hate them. We want to slap their faces and let them die as much as possible. But let us think about it, there is always a reason behind their attitude. We do not know what they are going through and what they have been through to be the person that they are. Thanks to Tarryn! Before we judge other people’s behavior, we have to see to it that we know what their feelings and issues are.
The only thing I hate about the book is the fact that it could have been a happy ever after if only they were both brave enough to face each other and admit what they have done and how stupid they both have become.
Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

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