Which coloring book to buy and what coloring materials to use?

Adult Coloring Books suddenly hit the market these past few weeks although my friends and I are already enjoying this new found hobby for a couple of months now. And because a lot of people, specifically Bookstagrammers, are asking me questions like “What type of pens to use?” or “What type of books to buy?”, I decided to post this to share to you my Coloring Book Enthusiasm. Let me show you some of my finished pages and the type of coloring materials that I used. I will also post the estimated price of the books and pens (in Peso).



112 pages / 180 grams / 124 x 176 x 12 mm

This is already available at our local bookstores but I purchased my copy from The Book Depository and it was on sale that time so I scored it for only 360php. This kind of book is small, handy and very convenient to use. For starters, I recommend this type of coloring book because it has a small surface and you will be able to save as much ink as you want to, HaHa! 


Using Faber-Castell Colored Pencils (24 pcs. for 250php)



Using Sharpie Super Fine Tip/Point (45php/piece)



Combination of Faber-Castell Colored Pencils and Metallic Gel Pens



VINTAGE PATTERNS by Various Artists

128 pages / 52 grams / 210 x 297 x 12 mm

This is also available at our local bookstores already and just like the previous one, I bought mine at The Book Depository for only 370php instead of 570php here in our country, a pretty good deal right? This one is large in size and the designs every page are also huge so it requires a lot of ink (if you’ll be using colored pens) and a lot of effort (if you’re into colored pencils).


Using Crayola Supertips washable markers (20 pcs. for 170php)




Using Faber-Castell Colored Pencils



Using Faber-Castell Colored Pens (24 pcs. for 139php)




I HEART COLOURING by Various Artists

128 pages / 22 grams / 150 x 150 x 12 mm

This coloring book is the cutest and my personal favorite. It is small and very handy. Ideal for travelers and for those who are working. This is 399php at Fully Booked but I got mine for only 225php at The Book Depository. The designs of this book are somewhat complex so you have to see to it that you will use the fine-point type of pens or just make sure that your pencils are always sharp.


Using Sharpie Fine Pens (24 pcs. approximately 1000-1100php)



Using Faber-Castell Colored Pencils 


That’s it! I hope that I was able to help you choose which one to buy. For any questions please feel free to send me a direct message or just leave a comment.



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