Rockstars : Hoover and Fisher

National Bookstore recently sponsored a book signing event here in the Philippines. The authors are Christine Brae, Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher. The first two sessions took place at Ayala Center Cebu (09.12.15) and SM Megamall (09.13.15) while the last one will be held on the 19th of September at the Manila International Book Fair at the SMX Convention Center (Mall of Asia).



The feeling was surreal! I have read a lot of Colleen Hoover books on Ebook (epub format) before but when I heard that she will be visiting the Philippines together with Tarryn Fisher, I have gone crazy and totally freaked out . I immediately bought 5 books, yes only 5, for now. (Because if I purchase all her books, I’ll be broke for the next 3 months, haha!).


Tarryn Fisher’s The Opportunist was not available until the last week of August that is why I am forever grateful to Leigh, a good friend and a bookish sister, for securing our (the girls and I) copies ahead.


Here are the details of my experience. I woke up at 1 in the morning (I didn’t really slept that much) and prepared for an awesome day ahead. My husband and I left our house at exactly 2 in the morning (we are currently based here in Bulacan) and we arrived at SM Megamall at 3:20 am. Some veterans at book signing events already made a list of participants (first come, first serve basis) so it was easy for everyone else to follow a certain flow. I waited for my other book buddies to arrive. By 6 am, we are already complete. (Leigh, Arra, Jovel, Eunice, Tin and Angela) I also met other wonderful people from the bookstagram community like Pam, Abby, Colleen, Elena and Bea.


We waited until 9:30 am before we entered the mall’s event center. At exactly 9:40 am the registration process started which was great considering the fact that the original schedule was not until 10:00 am. At that time, approximately 300-400 people were already present. We belong to the lucky group of people who were able to secure a seat.


My Registration Number (Signing Pass No.) is 107. I have 5 Colleen Hoover books (Maybe Someday, Confess, Slammed, Ugly Love and Hopeless) while I only have 1 Tarryn Fisher creation, The Opportunist, which is my favorite among all of her books.


By 10:20 am, the girls and I were already done with the registration process so we waited for another couple of hours then the crowd suddenly went wild at around 2:00 pm. Everyone was screaming, jumping and crying their hearts out when the authors appeared on-stage. The question and answer portion was full of fun, the interview was awesome, and a lot of good news were revealed such as their upcoming books and the release dates.


And then here is my most awaited part, the book signing.

I was stunned by Tarry Fisher’s presence and I laughed out loud when she caught my jaw-dropping-image staring back at her, she was the one who said “Hi” because I was literally drooling-over when I saw her, haha! She is so beautiful and charming! I love her badass way of carrying her clothes. She smells good and has a very nice hair. It was the best feeling when I told her that I love her so much and I even asked for a hug. She complemented something about me but I was too ecstatic to comprehend what she just said so yeah I forgot what she told me, haha!


Next is my turn to meet and greet Colleen Hoover. She is so nice, sweet and cute! She speaks softly and she is full of enthusiasm. She complemented my tabbed books and told me that she loved it. I told her the same thing that I said to Tarryn, that I love her so much and I asked for a hug as well.


It was perfect! Everything was mesmerizing. It is a dream-come-true for a reader to finally have the chance to meet her favorite authors and be able to say “hi” and hug them tightly. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity. This is a once in a lifetime chance and I am so proud to be a part of this event. Despite of other people’s rant about how things went, it was an awesome experience for me! I have waited for 12 hours and it was all worth it.




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