Janna’s Book Review #3 : Confess by Colleen Hoover


By Colleen Hoover
Started : August 30, 2015
Finished : August 31, 2015
Heartbreakingly beautiful!
This is not the first time that I’ve read a Colleen Hoover creation (it’s actually my 6th!) and I always end up being impressed and mesmerized by her writing style. She never ceases to amaze me. The story is full of misery and heartache but the characters surprisingly knocked me off my feet a couple of times all throughout the story. She writes in a vivid and creative manner which will make the reader maximize his imagination. I’ve finished the book in a span of 24 hours and it’s apparent on the way I tabbed my physical copy that it is indeed full of captivating lines and memorable moments. I love how Hoover’s words affected my very existence. I always find myself closing the book every after each chapter while trying to fathom and internalize everything that I’ve discovered. The New Adult genre is not my cup of tea but she made an exception. She made me embrace NA and adore it. Out of the 6 books that I’ve read, I can say that I’ve never been disappointed, not even once.
The story is about Auburn and Owen.
Auburn, a 20 year old cosmetologist who finds it hard to adjust with her new environment in Texas. She is beautiful and smart. I love the way she thinks before she acts and but I hate the fact that she becomes very weak and submissive when it comes to that very one thing that means the world to her. Owen on the other hand is a painter. He is handsome but he has his flaws just like everybody else. I really thought that he was as fucked up as he appears to be but I was stunned when I found out the reason behind it.
This novel is mainly about unconditional love with a glimpse and combination of fate, sacrifice, making choices and suffering their consequences.
The concept of this book is UNIQUE.
You have to find it out for yourself.
No! I won’t CONFESS…

RATING : 5/5.


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